Jakarta Kemarin [ The Result – TAMAT]

Dec 13, ’09 9:01 PM
for everyone
NOTED:  *Sorry yah teman-teman, saya tahu bahasa inggris saya jelek banget, apalagi tuh grammarnya..tapi karena kalo pake bahasa Indonesia kepanjangan jadi saya coba mix dengan bhs inggris yang nista ini. berharap ngerti yah..*
Day 2 of Workshop 5th December 2009
After wash some clothes the night before and learn more about my own story till, maybe, 1 am, phone rings. From my brother. He try to wakes me up. Then I look my own watch in mobile phone.
Oh, shit ! 07.05 ! I wake up lately ! Panic ! Go to bath room. Take a quick bath (??). Choose casual one. Prepare more about my short presentation. Go breakfast. Arrive at Binus. Not yet start the class. Sleepy. Dizzy. Feels unwell. Runs to rest room. Throw-up. Got some diarrhea also. Go back to the room 212 * our-cold-mountain-workshop-room* . Opens my brother’s laptop. Prepare my own note for my little 10 minutes presentation. Feels weird in my stomach. Go to the rest room again. ‘Oh, telah datang tamu bulanan, kawan..’. Runs back to 212, picks some ‘pillow’, then walks fast, back to rest room again, then, give the extra back-up for my ‘bottom’. Then, go back again to room 212. Pretty silly if I read this story. Hehe. But, well..whatever..hehe..
My ’10 minutes presentation has come. For your info, this presentation just only for introduce our story to class. But other finalists *except the observer, they only allow to watch, and asks some, after the class is over or break time*, can give some questions, argues also. Apologize before, the detail is pretty confidential and only I share for the person who can open thislink. But the basic story is about grandfather whom try to learn how to read. This idea inspired by a true story about Alfred Williams the 70 years old man who enroll himself to the kindergarten to learn how to read. This person became famous on November 2006 in Oprah Winfrey Show with his first grader teacher named Alisa Hamilton . In that class, I share a quarter detail, support character, and also the conflicts. Usually, my smart finalists friends always try to make a question and have questions. After the hard two synopsis discussion last day, after some healthy argues,questions, laughs, stressful*teteup yah, stress, hahaha*, Mr. David likes my story. Aku terkesima sejenak. Lalu, dengan perasaan berdebar-debar, aku menunggu yang lainnya bertanya padaku. Mr David added,’ Surely I have a question for her, but does anybody in here, have a question, a little question for her ?’The class quietly. They give they warm smile and look at me differently. Mr.David, again, “ Do you ? You ? You, Joe, have any question for her ?”, And all of them, menggelengkan kepala, masih dengan senyuman mereka. Mr. David summarized,” Ok, Rana. Seem’s all class like your story…I do so. This is an interesting story ! This is really good !”

Dan aku bengong sebentar sebelum kemudian, “waow….thank you..thank you all..”

Means a lot to me…

Day 3 of the workshop, 6th December 2009 This is girl power’s day !, said Mr David to us. I laugh hearing that. Well, don’t know why, total 6 finalists (4 males and 2 females), the female itself sit farest*paling jauh,bener gak sih inggrisnyah tuh** from Mr. David, and, we all, the females, got the last day of the workshop! The committee said kiddingly, ‘Save the best for last-lah….’
‘Noo..Save the girls for last dong…,’yang lain nyahut.hahahahaI have pretty much time alone with Mr David that day before the class begin and before ‘pembantaian’ pertama yang mana script saya yang dibahas. So I have a couple questions, and I hear some answers and stories from him. Besides, that day, he give the girl a special tutor, by using computer *I help him turn on that and operate it, because he is usually using Macintosh not windows*, not paper board !And he said kiddingly to me, ‘Let’s make all guys jealous, will you!’..
I laugh again.

The workshop is over. The committee announces that we have only two days to make a treatment of our story before sent it by email on Tuesday, 5 p.m. Then, start to pitch our story. *Haha,wanna laugh when you know the result of what am I doing’

Pretty sad when we have to say goodbye to Mr. David while i start to like all of the atmosphere of the class, the friends, the tutor. Ah..damn! I sit in the floor on the lobby, waiting for my brother to picks me up as usual, then I see Mr David walks out from lift then went to the car. I run and call his name. “Mr. David,”aku mengulurkan tangan, “ thank you for everything…”
He shake my hand and said,” And I really hope that he, finally, can read…”

Treatment Days

At boarding house, but feels hectic. Buseeeeet. Treatmeeeeeent ! Hoaaaaaaaaaaa! As far as I know, treatment is the basic of the scenario. It likes the kerangka apaan yah inggrisnya. You’ll see the scene, the little description of each scene, etc. If the film is short, maybe Im not that hectic. But this is length feature film script. So…yhuuuuk! Feels not mood to eat some meals for two days, dizzy, throw up, to damn sleepy but must not close my eyes,very bad in body*booooo, ada gak-yah-tukang-pijet-yang-bisa-mijitin-kemana-manah-tapi-gak-keliatan-gituuuuuuuu-tolooooooooong* should watch some film to inspired the scene, but very hate myself when almost a day I have only two pages in Microsoft Word..Oh..hectic ! Hectic ! Hectic ! There’s also lot of change and focus in conflict and character…so I…Arrrgh…*tabok tabok diri sendiri*Pitching Day 8th December 2009
Finally meet them again..Muka-muka tegang bergentayangan, but I try to cheer myself by remembering what Mr. David said in that last workshop to us, ‘Oh..yeah..so, on Tuesday, you’ll be dying one by one…Don’t you..?huahahaha’Oh, my, God..and our face become more nervous that day, also laughing our-stressful-self*ngetawain kesetressan kita sendiri*.Oh, yeah…they all 4 judges, finally..And I meet them. Finally. Spooky, lot intents, whether they all looks very nice people.

After the pitching, we all share a lot about what we’ve doing, about what they asks, and etc. One of the share session is about our treatment. They asked, how many pages did u sent to Jiffest ? They said, 5, 8,9 and pretty much they shock about the most number. The treatment of they point is mostly about the detail synopsis, the story line.

Then, I whisper to Ferry, “And did you know how much that I made for the treatment ?” Ferry turn around and ask me the same question,” Yea, how much did you, Na ?”

“Me ? I’m 27 pages..”, I said flatly.
“You…..whaaat ??”
“Yea, 27 pages..from the beginning of the film until the end,”
“ Did you really do that without any stocks treatment first..I mean, u did it really,really on that two days, from the beginning ?”
“ Ouww..yeaaaa…”
He fully shock. He proud. He amazed. But then I start to laughs and questioning myself, maybe I’m just too smart to read all scenario books. Maybe next time, I just, should pretend that I really don’t know what ‘treatment’ is, so I just sent only one page and last, is just fully speech presentation only…Great idea isn’t it..Hahahahahahaha..*Gilingan..gue beneran ngakak gila bayangin hari-hari berdarah-darah waktu buat treatment sementara mereka cuma ngirimin story line,huahahahahaha*

Two days before Announcement 
I should go back to Jakarta again…And I don’t know why, I have a strong feeling that I really need to present on closing ceremony of Jiffest and the watching regional premiere of the film ‘New York I Love U’*this is a short film compilation about love in New York City by 11 renowned directors*.Maybe, the day before, I wish to win this competition. Because, this is a very huge opportunity for me to stepped-out and more develop my writing skill on movie. This is the dream come true of all of this ‘complicated’ year. But, then, I realize..God knows better about me in the future..God knows the very good for my own destiny..So then, I pray to God and wish the best for my life, my future, my next path to another.After that, I quickly buy the train’s ticket. But, God also give me another strange signs about what will happen in my future…

So once again..God, I pray to You…Give me the best way for my life…

The Big Day 12nd December 2009, night 6.30 p.m
Before I present to that event, I went to Bintaro, by myself, and really happy I finally meet the Mertilang’s cute friends *minus Sandi* and also Agnes. They are really lovable friends and I really miss them already.Thanks for the book, Lex..I read it already on the train, but not finish yet..Love the plot and character…seems like ‘Waking Lazarus’s novel’ for me…^^
And thanks for the merchandise, Alei….I used it on that event..look suitable with my clothes^^…..In this opportunity, I really like to say my thank to all of you, who always support, hear, give me some spirit, advice, another thing that I can only say by thanks and hopely God always give you all a lot of bless and happiness…

My life, it’s not always as smooth as people thought..My paths to reach dreams, love and another things, in mostly, could make another best friend’s breaks they heart because of my-mostly-in bad situation while others don’t even care about that….

My dear best friends, the winner announced. I really proud that I surrounded by some intelligent-smart-charm-warm-friendly finalist friend. They all great as the person and also awesome as the header of idea of they own script. Really proud that I can sit in the room that only for 800 peoples who invited to watch the closing movie of Jiffest. In my sit line, I can see clearly Nicolas Saputra. *Mira Lesmana, Riri Riza and Nicholas Saputra, I often see them when they all make some scene of Gie in Semarang, about, 10 meters dari tempatku berdiri* I also see Jajang C Noer and Joko Anwar, the director of Kala. We also give smiles each other when we passing through. And I can clearly see his face, really looking at me and give his warm smile. On slow motion act. Jajang C Noer also. Love her way dressing kebaya.

Rain, the youngest-briliant-smart volunteer on Jiffest, who also, work to reviews some topic at Jakarta Post. The 15 years old kid who help me translates my two-one-line-paperwork for only an hour and I really proud and also shame because she really damn brilliant^^!

My dear best friends, when the train begin to go to Jakarta, I often ask myself about ‘What will happen if I’m not the winner..? What will happen if I am not the one, while I also have a strong feeling to put my path on Jakarta..?

God give me a unique message that finally I can truly day-off from work and follow this competition for six days*belum pernah ada pegawai yang bisa libur 6 hari selain Nana,huahahahaha*..
But then, I also wondering the truly messages that You, God, want to share to me, about all my long-amazing-journey-during on Jakarta ? I don’t know..but I really do believe, It’s bigger than my own thought. And I still hoping the very best..and someday, my dreams will coming true…..

Dear best friends, dear Oki, Alei, Alex, Mas Rudy…all…
That night the winner annouced. And like Oki said, ‘yang terbaik buat Rana malam ini Tuhan akan kasih..’ dan Tuhan mengabulkannya..

I am not the winner….^^

Joe Gievano wins it and he pretty shock about it. He thought I am the winner of the competition, because of that strong character and etc. Aku tersanjung akan pengakuannya, but the judges picks Joe’s story, an unusual-rare-unique story that no one thought, he is the winner. Joe is smart, intelligent, great in English, great in argues something, great in using his opportunity , and the last day of the workshop, he fully help me to translate, he’s kind person…so, he deserve it.

He is the best Script development competition on Jiffest this year…and I proud became one of his friend…^^

My dear best friend…Life is full of secrets that we even don’t know the shock-happy-or-sad-thing which can come to our story of life. But life goes on and will never stop until we-ourself-close our eyes forever…

I still get a good signs about it..Coz becoming this 6th finalist, opens huge gate to another…no matter what it is…I also believe, that what I’ve done before, will worth it and truly worth it…

But you know what, like usual, I will truly never stop to dream..
I’ll never stop to hope..
And I’ll never stop to write….

Cos I still believe, someday, I will be a great writer..And maybe, Mr David wishes can be truly happen one day..^^May God hear this hope…

Gracias everybody !

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duniapeng wrote on Dec 13, ’09
wow. inspiratif. thanks rana

ayutyas wrote on Dec 13, ’09
Oh my God. Bahasa Inggris og yaaaa… tet tot. ga mudeng saya. 😀

alexast wrote on Dec 13, ’09
Well, you’re already a winner once you enter the final, Na.. BIG HUGS

malachinovel wrote on Dec 14, ’09
so exciting

ramakiki wrote on Dec 14, ’09
pasti tak terlupakan semua kenangan kemaren…

ninelights wrote on Dec 14, ’09
@peng : thanks,dear..u also inspired me..:-)

ninelights wrote on Dec 14, ’09
@ayu : sori,yu..mw pake indonesia,tapi jatohnya kpnjangan..
@alex : aaaaah,dear..thank you for everything..sudah lega bs ktmu kalian..:-)
@mala : iyah,seruuuu!thanks dear..
@oki : of course,ki..ga akan lupa..:-)

julianawa wrote on Dec 14, ’09
Kita emang nggak pernah tau rencana yg mo dikasih Allah sama kita. Dan yakin ini pasti yg terbaik. Selamat Na udah jadi finalis, selamat udah mengalami pengalaman KEREN itu, hehe..
Yg pasti aku bangga ama anak Bahasa satu ini. Yg aku yakin mustinya kamu bisa masuk IPA lohh, tapi kok yo malah pilih masuk Bahasa.. Haiissshhh… Ternyata ini to rencana Tuhan ituh..
Hmmm….. *peluk-peluk nana*

ninelights wrote on Dec 14, ’09
@Yeti : ketinggian ah,mujinya..:-)but thanks dear..ini adalah kado penutup taun yg indah bwt nana..terima kasih byk..terima ksh udah mau jd sahabat plg sabar dan nyilet sedunia..hehe..kangen..kpn ketemu ya..:-(

julianawa wrote on Dec 14, ’09
Hayahhh.. Nyilet e ki lhoo.. Hufffttttt..

ninelights wrote on Dec 14, ’09
@yeti : hahahahahaha..iya deh utk hari ini enggak deh..utk hari ini you are damn special!!you are the sweetest,charmest,passionest,nasi ramest,mendoanest bestfriend I ever had!!!keren rak?hahaha

julianawa wrote on Dec 15, ’09
Huksss.. pengen mendoan ikk…. *otukee (piye iki)*

tousche wrote on Dec 15, ’09
one a million chances…. beruntung banget kamu Na.. aku iriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii… 🙂 yang penting proses, kegagalan adalah keberhasilan yang tertunda. 🙂

ninelights wrote on Dec 15, ’09
@yeti :hahay..mendoan is the music of our stomach!hahahaha
@Alei :thank u,dear..i’m not feel that i’m fealure kok..I’m sure,God knows better than me..I just did my best shot,dear..dan sejuta harapan lain msh menunggu dan ada di antara semangat Rana..just never stop to write..:-)thank u bwt support dan doanya yah..

ninelights wrote on Dec 15, ’09
@alei : anyho,alei..ahh..apa yg harus kau irikan dr drku,lei..you are the great script writer..you inspired me..

allia2005 wrote on Dec 28, ’09
great… kegagalan adalah kesuksesan yang tertunda. tetep semangat ya sis..teruslah berkarya sobat. sory aku baru nyamperin hari ini…tp aku senang mempunyai teman yg penuh kreatif spt kamu 🙂

ninelights wrote on Dec 28, ’09

teruslah berkarya sobat. sory aku baru nyamperin hari ini…tp aku senang mempunyai teman yg penuh kreatif spt kamu 🙂

jadi kehilangan kata-kata untuk sepersekian detik waktu baca ini….Insya Allah Mbak…..dan terima kasih….I also happy have a warm,funny,gokil,yang mau Rana godain,hehe, kayak Mbak Alliaaaa…….

Semoga..someday..kita beneran bisa ketemu yah…terus, nanti maen dakonan bareng yah..ahahaha…muah..*peluk Mbak Allia sepenuh hati*

harblue wrote on Dec 29, ’09
wah, saya baru mampir juga nih..kalo kata orang ijak sih: orang sukses itu, pasti pernah melalui jatuh yang berulang. so, keep trying! *untuk saya juga sih, yang pula ercita-cita jadi penulis, hahay…

ninelights wrote on Dec 29, ’09
harblue said

keep trying!


ninelights wrote on Dec 29, ’09
harblue said

*untuk saya juga sih, yang pula ercita-cita jadi penulis, hahay…

Mas Harri bisa kok….Tuhan udah beri jalan pembuka buat si Akang jadi seorang wartawan…..so,keep trying..and..keep writing….Okeeeeeeh?^^

kaklist wrote on Jul 19
aaah ga bisa buka jurnal 115 😦

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