Jakarta Kemarin..

Dec 10, ’09 8:32 PM
for everyone

NOTED:  *Sorry yah teman-teman, saya tahu bahasa inggris saya jelek banget, apalagi tuh grammarnya..tapi karena kalo pake bahasa Indonesia kepanjangan jadi saya coba mix dengan bhs inggris yang nista ini. berharap ngerti yah..*


Few Days before 

My body feel unwell. Hectic at work, under pressure for some things, but should focus at the ‘big-day’. Writing a lot, reading a lot, watching a lot, review a lot.


Lack of sleep. Should finished two-temporary-last-pages-of-script. Should print some backup-scripts. The ink is empty. Try to inject the ink, spoiled in floor. Black in everywhere. The printer jammed.
Try to relax. Washes hands. Try to rock with Muse – Supermasive Black Hole. Try to listen more about Jason Mraz’s Collection. Look the fishes on Happy Aquarium for awhile.
Try to print the paper one by one in total 55 pages.
Packed in two big bags for some clothes, jeans and etc. Iron it first. Very tired.
3.30 a.m, already start to sleep.

Not in good condition. Open the eyes at 5 am. Should pray. Go to sleep again for awhile. 7.15 am start to finishing packing thing. Went to work. Lack of sleep. Very dizzy. Prepare to learn more about the big project at office. On Office itself, people come and go. People asks and people need answers. Can not concentrate. Sleepy at work. Run to second floor. Lay down for awhile. Few people pissed-off about it. More depress about the situation. Lack of health. Pray to God. Hopely the very best for my life.

Backpack. My father picked up me at 7. Go to station. Departure.

Lack of sleep. Try to sleep. Another passenger really likes to talk. He said he is reporter. He said he is an activist. He said he cares about politics, human rights, laws, and he throw garbages out of the windows..He said he’s came from Semarang.

My head very dizzy..try to learn and read more about english language, but my head feel jammed. Can not concentrate. Again. Pain. Try to relax. Try to close the book and eat meal. Try to sleep.

Train always stop in some point of the stations. People come and go with offering some souvenirs and snacks, and drinks, and meals.

Try harder to get some sleep. Difficult. Ahh…Need a hug..

Day 1- 4th December 2009

Arrived at 4.15 am. After Subuh. Wait for awhile for my brother to pick me up. Go to Slipi. Arrive at the boarding house. I have my own room in first floor. Try to empty my two bags. Keep it in closet. Use the backpack one, and borrow my brother’s laptop. Start the journey again with my brother. Search the workshop’s address. I still feel my backpack too heavy. I even keep questioning myself, ‘bawa apaan aja sih, kok berat banget begini…’

Finally found.

Binus University The Joseph Wibowo Central for Advanced Learning
Jl. Hang Lekir I/6 Jakarta

08.00 a.m
Sit for an half hour in first floor. Waiting for a familiar friend . Feel weird in some high-intelligent-smart people who almost use English language in they conversation. Feel like underdog or something. Ah, God..

The time runs out. The first hour of the class, really feel like I am in a wrong class. All 15th observer. Then, they all, 5th finalist..could speak, read, and write English fluently; Joe is more…but me, the 6th. Really feel uncomfortable. Really feel like the-almost-three-years-in diploma-3-degree-majoring English-is-just-NOTHING. My limit for memorize things become more absurd that day. I feel nothing. I feel useless. I feel just lucky, not smart, not talented. Nothing.

My self-confidence down in minus 45 degrees.

Then, everything looks lil bit bright that day..

Mr. David Weber, our teacher (lately I know from reading Jiffest Program Guide, Mr. David Weber is not just an ordinary lecturer. He rocks!), is very nice-carm-warm-funny-simple-friendly man I ever known.

He said, ‘If somebody, here, in this class, feels like he or she can not speak English well, don’t be afraid. Just share to us, then, one of our friend, maybe, Joe, will help you to translate it’

…then, he look straight at me..huahahahaha…Aeeeh..tauuuu ajaaa..hahahaha…
*dan seakan sinar mentari menyinari kelas yang dinginnya minta ampun itu*
And, everybody, include my beloved finalist friends, before Mr David speaks his mind, help me to translate and allow me to speak in Indonesian language for the next discussion…oh leganyaaaaaaaaaah…Thank you so much yaaah…

1.30 p.m
Discuss another finalist script.

After done, the committee give us the opening Jiffest invitation movie ‘Sang Pemimpi’(hanya 800 orang, dan para finalist JSDC (Jiffest Script Development Competition) termasuk yang diundang). Antara senang, terharu, sedih. Campur aduk.

Senang karena…Dalam surat undangannya tertulis, ‘Kepada Yth : Bpk. Rana Wijaya Soemadi’..hehe..huehehehehe..

Sedih…karena….I’m not in a very good condition. Got fever. Wanna throw up. Very pain in head. Not yet eat a lot of rices. Try to sleep in the table, in lobby, while waiting the jiffest’s driver come to BINUS to pick us up (me, and 4 another committees. One of the committee is my friend, and he ask me to go to Blitz Mega Plex, Grand Indonesia, with them. I said ok.)

We should pick up Mr. David first in San Pan Pasific’s Hotel. But, because of the miss communication between the internal crew, so then, we straight to go to Grand Indonesia.

Well, dear, about this Grand Indonesia, mengingatkanku pada kisah malam itu :

I should bring this maybe 40-45 kilograms at my backpack*still wondering ‘gilingan, ini gue bawa apaan aja yee kok berat beneeeer* dari lantai dasar menuju lantai 8, pakai elevator bukan lift..karena liftnya penuh..Oh..My..Mana tuh tempat gede gitu….aduh..Untuk elevatornya juga gak penuh..Almost jatuh ke belakang karena keberatan tas..My familiar friend jadi teman yang siaga menahan..hehe..
Not yet eat some meals..

Aku bertemu dan duduk di sebelah teman baik dan guruku dulu selama di Kronik Filmedia, Rizki Lazuardi..very nice..

Di depanku, aku melihat Riri Riza dan Mira Lesmana berdiri sekitar tiga ratus meter dari tempatku duduk. Aku mengucapkan sebuah doa yang terbaik saat melihat moment seperti itu..^^

Lot of reporters and artists on that place, termasuk para pemain ‘sang pemimpi’ dan penulis novel, Andrea Hirata.. Tapi aku masih sibuk mencari temenku yang katanya sewaktu pulang nanti mau nganterin sampe lobby mall..jadi gak fokus. Terlebih, aku gak punya kamera, hapeku juga gak ada kameranya…Mungkin kalau menang, cita-cita pertama adalah beli hape kali yah…Semoga. Amin.Doain yang terbaik yah..^^

After watch those opening movie, Rizki Lazuardi asked me a simple question, what do you think about that movie..? Harus jujur lho..Dan aku bilang bagus..Tapi dia bilang, that*pointed at the screen* too flat for me..JEDER!Huahahaha..Dan aku sukses terbengong-bengong..dan menyadari, ternyata penilaianku terhadap film masih harus diasah lagi..

Time to go back to boarding house. Should prepare to study my own script for tomorrow morning. Not yet discuss about my script, only ten minutes introduction to others..So..after the credit title, aku melesat keluar..I still try to find my friend, but I could not find him. So, I decide to follow my own instinct. I look around dan menemukan tempat khusus untuk naik turun lift. Saat lift sebelah kiri terbuka, aku melihat ELLO dan JULIA ES CEN..ES CEN..hehe..Estele, disana. Heran aja kenapa aku hanya berdiri aja ngeliatin, sampai kemudian sang security menyadarkan aku dan menawarkan, ‘Mau turun(ke lantai bawah) Mbak..?’, dan aku jawab iya..dan langsung masuk. Di dalam lift, posisiku ada di belakang sendiri, membelakangi si ‘Mr. and Mrs Smith’ ini. Dan aku mencoba mengintip-intip tombol dan berusaha memecetnya. Karena tasku yang besar, dan orang-orang yang agak padat disitu, aku agak kesusahan. Then, kangmas ELLO help me to mencet tombol yang aku maksud. Aiiih..makasih…lumayan..bisa nyentuh jarinya dikit..Bawain tasku juga bisa gak Bang..?hahahaha..no..no..last sentence for just kidding..hehe

Keluar lift, ternyata aku salah lantai!dan nyasar!huahahaha. Mencoba mencari petugas tapi ketemunya malah parkiran mobil..huahahaha..setelah kira-kira 5 menit muter-muter gak jelas akhirnya aku ketemu orang dan dia bilang, lobby mall ada di lantai atas..ha ha ha ha..booooooo..langsiiiiiiiing ceking akuuuuuuuuuh!



To be continue..

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duniapeng wrote on Dec 10, ’09
nana hebat…

rudyprasetyo wrote on Dec 10, ’09

ninelights wrote on Dec 10, ’09
Mas Rudy dan Peng :
hei…:-)…no, I’m not dear…Still nothing without you all…

ini postingan sebelumnya…just for individual people..I open it for u now..:-)


malachinovel wrote on Dec 11, ’09
seru ya ini dari Jiffest ya

alexast wrote on Dec 11, ’09
Nanaaaaaaaaa!! serunyaaaa!! sayang kita ga ketemu! huhuhuhu

julianawa wrote on Dec 11, ’09
Ekspresinya campur aduk pas baca tulisanmu diatas Na.
Ketawa, senyum, sedih kr kesian, prihatin, tp yg pasti banyak bangga nya.. Hmm, lop yu.. *mmuach*

siregarrosey wrote on Dec 11, ’09
baru tau postingan ini setelah di PM…emang gak masuk inbox ya?

ninelights wrote on Dec 12, ’09
@mala : iya,Mala..Jiffest..:-)
@Alex : hiks..bgmn caranya..bagaimanaaaaaa..aku kangeeeeen*gedor gedor tembok*
@yeti : lop u too..muah,muah..
@Mb Rose : masuk inbox kok,mb..beneran deh..sweeer:-)

ramakiki wrote on Dec 12, ’09

Terlebih, aku gak punya kamera, hapeku juga gak ada kameranya…Mungkin kalau menang, cita-cita pertama adalah beli hape kali yah…Semoga. Amin.Doain yang terbaik yah..^^

mudah2an kebeli yahhhhhhhhh, semangat

ninelights wrote on Dec 14, ’09

mudah2an kebeli yahhhhhhhhh, semangat

Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin..I’ll find another way to buy this stuffs…maybe need more passions……Semangaaaat!^^

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