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I find it hard to find the suitable genre fro this novel. That’s my first impression the first time I read Fleur. To call it a thriller would be as inappropriate as to call it a romance. Even after I read it the the third time, I still cannot decide.

It’s a good and enchanting enough story. At some point it reminds me of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist, and at another it brings me back to Luc Besson’s Leon: The Professional, and I even recalls The Diary Of Anne Frank along the way. The plot is not really something new, but I really like the way the author tells a heavy subject in a light way. On the other hand, the light way of story telling tends to make you forget how heavy the theme of this novel really is. I suppose that’s why I felt the chill and couldn’t quite place it the first time I read it .

The cover is in a way deceiving, as it betrays the seriousness and dark atmosphere of the novel’s theme. However, I have the feeling that it’s exactly the intention of the cover illustrator, who happens to be the author herself.

One thing I hate about this book, it’s the papers. They’re of good quality but too thick, making the book deceivingly thicker than it should be. I expected to finish reading it in about 30 minutes and it turned out it took me less than 25 minutes to finish my first reading of this novel. For comparison, I finished Michael Crichton’s Eaters Of The Dead in 45 minutes flat. So I’d like to suggest a thinner paper next time.


It’s a strength and a weakness at the same breath. You make the story flow easily that way. On the other hand, it also potentially makes the readers forget the seriousness of the theme because the tone is dark and light at the same time.
It’s now up to you to make it your strength. -edwinlives4ever.multiply.com-

Kata-kata beliau untuk Fleur ini jadi membuatku makin semangat menyelesaikan novel ketiga dan keempat, dan semoga tahun ini selesai. Thanks a bunch, Mas, all…very much thanks.

Further info about Fleur, go visit ~> http:aboutfleur.multiply.com

6 thoughts on “Fleur

  1. ninelights

    tintin1868 wrote today at 1:05 PMditunggu ya..>>nanti kalo penerbit yang ini gagal (menolak menerbitkan) ya, dikirim ke penerbit lainnya lagi 🙂 Makasih semangatnya, Mbak Tintin. 🙂


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