#InkTober Day 23

Bunny, it’s a sunny. It’s also a gloomy.

There’s a sore behind the cirrus.

The tear behind the mizzle.

That’s why I ran to carrot’s field.

I pick the best one,

peel it, wash it, cook it, and make a soup from it.

Little too much salt. I know. I can’t even cook.

Took pretty much time to sliced it

while I also sliced my own finger. Just a bit. It keep bleeding, though.

So I actually busy bleeding than cooking.

I decide to plastered all my fingers and start cooked it again.

Hey, Bunny, it’s a sunny.

I see you just sit next to the open window

Wind blows, bring the sorrow, took much hollow.

Little tenderness I sent from the sweet scarf.

Tiny little hug I sent from the widely blanket.

And I know, It’s never enough to overcome it.

Bunny, it’s a sunny.

The soup is ready for served.

I make a perfect table for it.

I know. it’s not even as perfect as table from Alice in Wondiee.

And I even can not be your best buddy.

But, Bunny …

The soup is for you.

If you won’t eat it today, that’s okay.

I’ll gladly make it for another day.


And, Bunny,

you can even make a better one for me.

coz, well…you’re the best cook in the world.


Bunny, It’s A Sunny

-Rana Wijaya Soemadi-

Semarang, 26 October 2014

Art Illustration Portfolio:


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