Help make it happens!

Greetings all,
My name is Rana Wijaya Soemadi and I’m female artist from Semarang, Central Java Indonesia. Concerns about humanity, animal and social issue, by the end of September 2015, I’m planning to make Solo Art Exhibition on Jakarta.

I’m reaching out to ask for your support for the Solo Art Exhibition: About the City and Elephants campaign on Indiegogo.

Some of the pictures are the WIP process and become part of the crowd funding projects

You can help me make it happens with two ways:

  1. Donation
    A. With Perks (Merchandise and stuff)
  • International (outside Indonesia)
    There’s alot of perks you’ll get by supporting me through Indiegogo. You can get my exclusive and limited edition art postcards, postcard comic, prints, stickers, and any other merchandise. I also open the opportunity as many as possible. Based on that I open commission works as well. So, for any of you who want free shipping and digital files for your computer wallpaper or social media’s web banner could choose these kind of perks through indiegogo. 🙂 (Visit the site for further details information)
  • My minimum target is 40% of the total amounts.
  •  Indonesia (I wrote in Indonesian language version as well)
    Untuk kawan-kawan yang ingin turut  ambil bagian untuk mendukung, sila order beberapa merchandise ini.
  • Untuk ukuran besar, sila check album facebook di sini: crowdfunding project for Indonesia
  • Tujuan dari merchandise ini sebagian akan digunakan untuk mulai membeli alat berkarya.
  • Jika campaign di indiegogo berjalan dengan cukup bagus sebelum Mei berakhir, artinya ada sekitar 30-40% dana masuk, Rana akan stop menerima pre order untuk Indonesia (yang sudah pesan, tetap dilayani)
    Namun kalau tidak berjalan baik:
    – sudah bisa dipastikan, pameran tidak akan diadakan di jakarta (dan pindah di kota lain atau menyesuaikan budget yang ada. FYI, Rana perlu sewa tempat pameran di jakarta minimal 3-5 juta per dua minggu (ini rata-rata. Bisa kurang, bisa diantaranya, bisa lebih. I don’t know yet). Itu belum termasuk survive seperti yang sudah Rana tulis detail proposalnya di indiegogo.)
    – Rana akan memperpanjang waktu pre order crowdfunding project. Jadi terima kasih banyak untuk kawan-kawan yang sudah ikut mendukung.

B. Without perks (simply donate)
Both of Indonesia and International
You can simply donate from 5 to 10 dollar each on Indiegogo. Every 5 to 10 dollar means a lot of me. Part of the funds will be sent to WWF Indonesia in order to save Sumatran Elephants and it habitats. For your information, In 2011, the Sumatran elephant has been classified as critically endangered by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Here’s the donation website:
You can visit the site for further details.

By the moment you donate, I’m using my personal costs for starting to make one of 20 artworks (The plan: 10 artworks on A3 watercolor paper + 10 artworks (more or less) A2 on canvas. it’s could be less or more or equals. It depends on how much funds I will get) And I’ll keep you updated!

2. Spread the news

You can pass this on to friends via email, word of mouth, frequent phone calls, or on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, WhatsApp, BBM or wherever else you stamp your cyber footprint) who appreciate arts and care about elephants.

To introduce, campaign, deliver the message to the world and young generations about the arts, make them react, recreate, inspired and do something to love art, as well save critically endangered animals, is part of purpose of my exhibition and this crowdfunding project.

Your donation and support means a lot for me. 🙂

So, help make it happens :

Solo Art Exhibition: About the city and Elephants

Thank you so much for the support and appreciation


art illustration portfolio

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