[Art Collaboration] Dawn and Dusk

dawn and dusk

Dusk is is the darkest stage of twilight in the evening. Appropriately, as god of the dusk, Astraeus married Eos, goddess of the dawn. Together as nightfall and daybreak they produced many children who are associated with what occurs in the sky during twilight. Some also associate him with the winds, as he is the father of the four Anemoi/wind deities.

Dawn is the time each morning at which daylight first begins.
The dawn goddess Eos was almost always described with rosy fingers as she opened the gates of heaven for the Sun to rise, she is pictured on Attic vases as a beautiful woman, crowned with a tiara or diadem and with the large white-feathered wings of a bird

Inspired by Greek mythology of gods and goddesses
The original drawings was using watercolor. These diptych are drawing collaboration between myself and my friend Yola blackenthered.

Beautiful original drawings of Dawn and Dusk are reprinted digitally on beautiful Bright White papers. Size A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) each. The prints are titled and dated on the back.

This listing is for two drawings and free shipping worldwide.

Now available on etsy


Indonesia: hit us on email: blackenthered@gmail.com | rana.wijayasoe@gmail.com

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