One day you’re sleep..

We’ve got difficult time, sometimes. Hearing your closest good friends dying, watch them through their extra ordinary daily life, eye-witness all the unpublished stories. Even it’s not your problem but it can’t help to be yours. One day they said, “everyone fighting their own battle. You have yours. And I have mine,” they added. “And I should fight it all alone.”

You are not, my friend. We’re soulmate in friendship, you know that? If you are tickling yourself, I’ll be laughing…Vice versa.

But those words only stay in your mind. Complicated become part of your life. Even if you try to make it easy. Even they tried to make it easy. You always eye-witness all and you can’t help to capture all that-accidently, and you have no idea how can it could happen or make sense-…but all of the true stories ended with lie stories you know the truly answer.

Then, being honest become the hardest.
Then, you learn to lie.
You learn to say you’re okay.
You learn to act you’re okay.
And one day you realize you never be the same person anymore…


“Rain outside. Hopefully brighter day tomorrow…Have a good sleep, mates..Have a good sleep.”

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